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Welcome to Talkitover
The ultimate discussion and collaboration tool

As simple as e-mail...

Ever wished you had a simple way to discuss the topics of your choice with your colleagues and friends, in your own private forum, with a dedicated assistant faithfully recording every message and every response?

Wish no more. Talkitover uses the power of the Web and e-mail to provide all groups with the global discussion forum they need, on any topic they choose, for as long as they please.

Talkitover turns the World-Wide Web into the most powerful medium ever made available to working groups, technical committees, students, researchers, or just families and friends. There is no need to download or install any new software, or to use a particular platform. Just use the tools that you already have on your computer at home or at work -- your Web browser and its e-mail tool.

With Talkitover you can:

The possibilities are endless. Use Talkitover to collaborate effectively with your peers, whether they are next door or an ocean away; to write an article together; to solve the problem of the century; to plan your meetings; to keep in touch with your customers; or just to pursue discussion for discussion's sake!

If you are still wondering what's unique about Talkitover, or pondering the differences with mailing lists, chat groups, email and Web pages, see The Talkitover Advantage. For more ideas of Talkitover uses, see Who needs Talkitover?.


A number of advanced options give you even more flexibility: you can protect access to your group through a password; if instead you want to give it the broadest possible membership, you can turn it into a public group, similar to a Usenet newsgroup and advertized in the official list of public Talkitover groups.

You can also subscribe to receive all the messages of any particular group by e-mail as soon as they are posted.

It's easy, it's powerful, and it's free.

Enjoy Talkitover.

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